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A scavenger hunt for the soul

Where will today’s adventure take us? This one starts on West Grand Central Ave. in Tampa, behind the First Baptist Church, as the rear door of the Meals on Wheels light-duty delivery truck rattles open. Stacy Hallman, forecast analyst lead, is there to receive bags of fresh meals – and a list of names and addresses – from the upbeat truck driver. She and Katy Patrick, load research analyst, situate…

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Community Environment

How fitting is it that TECO (and you) are back at free, fun EcoFest this year again?

As TECO team members descend this Sunday, April 22, on EcoFest – the Tampa Earth Day celebration you just can’t miss – they’ll be at Lowry Park in Tampa and very near some other members of the community they may see again in a few months’ time. In a twist you maybe didn’t see coming, those members of the community are rescued manatees undergoing rehabilitation at ZooTampa at Lowry Park. Each…

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The Comprehensive Guide to an Energy-Efficient Home

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Having an energy efficient home can save you energy and money – it makes for a more comfortable home and helps protect the planet too. What steps can you take to make your home energy efficient? It’s easier than you might think. Remember, you can always make changes gradually over time to plan your budget in advance while saving money along the way. Energy Efficient Lighting One simple step you can take…

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Community Environment

Great things reveal themselves along Gandy Boulevard…and some other objects turn up too

Native species – cabbage palms, mangroves – you’re cool. Keep doing what you’re doing as part of the Tampa-area ecosystem that depends on you. Invasives, on the other hand (you know who you are, Brazilian pepper and lead trees): You’re outta here! At least that’s if TECO team members have anything to say about it. And after another habitat restoration effort in the nature area near the public boat ramp…

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Meet the heart(s) and soul(s) of the Manatee Viewing Center: its docents, hosts and cashiers

Howard Fulwood – beloved host at Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center with a 66-year connection to Tampa Electric as an employee and in retirement – died this past Easter Sunday at age 88. In honor of his legacy, we’re re-running the post below that appeared on our intranet in 2014: For the tens of thousands of people who visit the Manatee Viewing Center each month during its open season, it’s…

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