Why Florida utility companies are switching to solar


Existing 30-kilowatt solar array at LEGOLAND that was installed by Tampa Electric.

Solar energy and other types of renewables are becoming increasingly popular. Accessibility is up, the technology has improved and costs have gone down. Add in the fact that renewables are better for the environment and it’s not surprising that more and more power companies in Florida are investing in solar initiatives.

Consumers are also interested in more environmentally-friendly energy solutions. Surveys have consistently shown that consumers have favorable views of solar and other renewable sources of energy. This has encouraged utility providers to look into ways they can support local customers and businesses as they try to go green. Florida is no different, and Tampa Electric has made large investments into solar and other types of renewable power.

Tampa Electric solar highlights include:

  • The installation of a second large-scale solar array at Legoland, sending up to 1.8-megawats of solar energy to the grid that supports Tampa Electric customers
  • The generation of more than 3,000 megawatt-hours of solar energy at the company’s large-scale solar array at Tampa International Airport in its first year of operation
  • The offering of renewable energy for voluntary purchase at the price of $5 per block of 200 kilowatt-hours, keeping more than 72,000 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere
  • The completion of a 23-megawatt solar array at Big Bend Power Station

In addition to its utility solar array at Big Bend, Tampa Electric owns and operates nine community-sited photovoltaic (PV) systems with a total capacity of nearly four megawatts. The systems provide solar energy that is fed to Tampa Electric’s grid for voluntary renewable energy program participants.

As Tampa Electric increases its solar generating capacity, it’s also developing new solar programs that will provide customers with new ways to engage and support solar technology.

Tampa Electric is working to keep Florida at the forefront of technology, offering energy which is kinder to the environment, reliable and reasonably priced.

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