Lighting the night and saying thanks to customers like you

Members of the TECO team at Light the Night.

Members of the TECO team at Light the Night.

It wasn’t our safe, reliable power that provided the most important illumination on the streets of Tampa’s Channelside district on Nov. 18 – it was a commitment to the community, shared by so many, that mattered most. And in this case, when the cause is finding a cure for lymphoma and leukemia, diseases that affect millions, the light that shone brightest was the light of hope.

TECO was among the sponsors of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Light the Night Walk and our people were on hand to join the effort as families and people of all ages marched together. And for such a serious backdrop, they found plenty of ways to have fun. (Just check out the photos for evidence of that.)

You show 'em, Cindy!

You show ’em, Cindy!

Among the walkers was Cindy Price, regional manager with our Community Relations team. For her, as with so many present, the event had a personal dimension.

“As someone who’s been fighting lymphoma since 2007, I was heartened and humbled to see such a beautiful display of camaraderie among people in this community,” she said. “I truly believe the partnership of doctor, patient and LLS is so important for individual patients’ knowledge, research and continued focus on the fight and cure. I’m happy to support this effort.”

Joining Price were TECO Peoples Gas President T.J. Szelistowski and Gordon Gillette, president and CEO of Tampa Electric and president of Florida Operations, alongside other TECO team members. That level of involvement gives you an idea of how much it means to us to stand with you for the benefit of countless important causes – because for us, the hard work to help build stronger communities starts at the ground level.

No need to worry -- Cindy is joined by good guys *disguised* as bad guys.

No need to worry — Cindy is joined by good guys *disguised* as bad guys.

In the case of Light the Night, that’s literally true. TECO team members regularly volunteer 20,000 hours or more annually in a year in the places we serve. We do this because we embrace Tampa and Florida with you. In many cases, we’re TECO customers like you, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to bring our best to bear to keep your life running.

On Nov. 18, as TECO walked the streets of Channelside with people of all backgrounds – knowing that the fight against blood cancers needs more research, more funding, more breakthroughs and victories – we were reminded that the perfect complement to a ground-level commitment to the fight is sky-high hope that science will find a cure

And as the walk ended, fireworks lit up the sky, drawing attention from across the city. It wasn’t the fanfare that will come when a cure finally arrives, but it was a step in the right direction on a walk we were proud to share, like so many other things to help this community, with you.

Visible in this shot, from left to right, are Gordon Gillette, Laura Crouch, Cindy Price and Julie Nail from TECO.

In the foreground are Gordon Gillette and Cindy Price; visible in back, from left to right, are Nick Plott, Laura Crouch, T.J. Szelistowski and Julie Nail.

All those people, all that light...all of the hope.

All those people, all that light…all of the hope.

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