Value goes up for Tampa Electric customers – while bills go down

A screen capture from TECO's current TV ad campaign. More power to you and lower bills - what's not to like?

A screen capture from TECO’s current TV ad campaign. More power to you and lower bills – what’s not to like?

In physics, generally speaking, when something goes up, it must come back down. But at Tampa Electric, the full package of our commitment to our customers (reliable power’s just the start) only goes up. And at the same time, your rates keep coming down.

We’re eager to see that trend continue in January with a possible $1.54 decrease in customer bills in a proposal we filed on Sept. 1 with the Florida Public Service Commission. If approved, it will further solidify our position as having electric rates among the lowest in Florida and roughly 19 percent below the national average. It’s a commitment to serving you that we’ve maintained for a while now: in fact, our rates are currently 7 percent lower than they were nine years ago.

But while keeping money in your wallet is great, getting more value from your electric company might be even better. To that end, we’re constantly working to do more for you. We’re upgrading our Polk Power Station – an industry leader in innovation and clean power – to generate more power for our customers, also starting in January.

Big things are happening at Polk Power Station.

Big things are happening at Polk Power Station.

“Tampa Electric is proud to provide outstanding value to our customers every day with rates that are 19 percent lower than the national average – and we’re doing this while expanding our Polk Power Station,” said Gordon Gillette, president and CEO of Tampa Electric and president of Florida Operations. “Many times when a utility adds a large new asset like a power plant, bills go up – but in this case, they’re going down. We’re very proud of that and are very pleased for our customers.”

We’re growing our fleet of alternative-fuel vehicles and we support expanded charging infrastructure to make it easier for you to own and use one too. And our largest solar array so far, near our Big Bend Power Station and our award-winning Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach, is under construction and soon will generate enough electricity from the sun to power more than 3,500 homes.

Tampa Electric's Shelly Whitworth tells students at Lawton Chiles Elementary all about their school's Tampa Electric-installed photovoltaic array.

Tampa Electric’s Shelly Whitworth tells students at Lawton Chiles Elementary all about their school’s Tampa Electric-installed photovoltaic array.

That’s just a start. While we’re doing these things and many others, we’re also donating thousands of hours in the community – this community, the one we share with you – to improve the lives of those in need.

And as members of this community, many of us are also Tampa Electric customers. We value great customer service just like you do, and we’re working to provide exciting new avenues in support of this early next year. In the meantime, you can complement our falling rates by saving energy to save even more money. Energy Planner, for example, makes it easy to take advantage of lower rates 87 percent of the time. It’s just one of the many energy-saving programs we offer.

Lower rates, more ways to save money, a commitment to a stronger community and healthier environment – that may sound like a lot, but for TECO, it’s not enough. We’re happy to have the opportunity to serve you and we’ll keep searching for new and better ways to do it. And while that effort may not include breaking the laws of physics, it’s underpinned by certainty of another kind: what we’re determined to see go up even more – your experience as a customer.

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