Lower fuel costs drive down Tampa Electric bills


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For the fifth time in four years, your monthly power bill dropped.

This month, Tampa Electric’s residential bills dropped by $4.32, to $102.58 a month for 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). That puts Tampa Electric’s bills at about 14 percent below the national average – which was $119 per month in May 2012, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Tampa Electric continues to have one of the lowest residential rates in Florida. Commercial bills dropped about 5 percent; bills for industrial customers remained flat.

The reduction is due to lower fuel costs – primarily natural gas.

The cost of fuel is a substantial portion of an electric bill, almost 40 percent for residential customers. Tampa Electric makes no profit from the cost of fuel. Tampa Electric’s fuel mix is predominantly coal and natural gas. Check out our helpful graphic to learn more about power costs.

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