Where there’s ‘Wheels’ there’s a way to help those in need: Buckle up and do something good!

#Giving Tuesday is November 28: Participate in this annual day of giving by making a donation at www.MOWTampa.org or by calling (813) 238-8410 on 11/28/17!

Insert your photo at left, and think of the smiling face of someone who needs your help through Meals on Wheels.

Insert your photo at left, and think of the smiling face of someone who needs your help through Meals on Wheels.

Once Halloween is in the rearview mirror, the holidays come at us like a speeding truck. And for many in this community – one person is too many – facing the season without enough to eat is a terrifying thought.

Fortunately, Meals on Wheels (MoW) is here to help the elderly and homebound with food, delivered from volunteers’ cars that navigate neighborhoods everywhere at a safe rate of speed. But with so many people in need, MoW needs you to step up and buckle up for the adventure of a lifeline.

Chances are, you know about Meals on Wheels and how it works. The nonprofit organization has helped thousands of people who can’t leave home without great hardship and who struggle to afford food. The ones who provide these critically important acts of kindness and generosity are people like you – all it takes are things you may already have: a safe-running car, a little time to complete an online application, attend a brief MoW orientation and then a couple of hours every other month to deliver food to grateful MoW homebound and senior meal recipients.

“Not knowing how or from where you’re going to get your next meal is something that would upend anyone’s life – and it can be incredibly hard for those of us who are more fortunate to get our heads around what that reality would be like,” said Marshall Tucker, manager of Corporate Business Development with TECO and Meals on Wheels of Tampa board member. “The Tampa area is fortunate to have a framework in place, through Meals on Wheels, to enable us to help – we simply need the people power to do it.”

If the winter holidays share two common denominators, it’s families and food.

But what if you lack both?

That’s where you have an opportunity like no other to do something simple that can mean so much to someone in need. Not just because it’s a gesture of empathy and caring for members of your own community – but because it can help someone stay alive.

Meals on Wheels: it’s so simple but so important. And it simply can’t happen without someone like you.



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