No money to pay for electricity and natural gas at home can be devastating – that’s why there’s Share

The ones you help through Share could live in your neighborhood…and maybe even next door.

When it’s cold, you might share a coat or blanket with someone. When they’re down on their luck, you might share words of comfort and hope.

When they can’t pay their electric or natural gas bills, it takes a little more to work to help them. That’s why there’s Share, a program from the Salvation Army co-sponsored by Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas.

Since 1983, Share has helped Tampa Bay-area residents – people who could be your neighbors, co-workers, family members, the person working the checkout register at your grocery store…or virtually anyone else. Every dollar you contribute goes directly to helping a Tampa Electric or Peoples Gas customer in need pay their electric or natural gas bill. TECO will increase the impact by matching a portion of funds raised annually.

Share feels especially important right now, after frigid weather has led to higher home heating bills. It costs more to heat a home than to cool it, and for those struggling with steep medical bills, a recently lost job or other things, cold weather can be especially hard to manage. Share has even come to the aid of TECO team members, since many of us are also customers and regardless, we’re part of this community too.

It could be basic goodwill, human compassion, karma, belief that helping people in desperate situations is good for all of us…call it any number of things, but when those of us who are a little more fortunate can help those in need, the world is a better place. Our community is stronger. And a household you may have more in common with than you realize can experience the basic necessities of electricity or natural gas without dread that they might not be there.

To everyone who donates a little to help a Tampa Electric or Peoples Gas customer a great deal, thank you. To everyone else, consider donating to a program that makes it easy to Share.

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