Why corporate demand for solar energy is on the rise


Tampa Electric’s 23-megawatt, 106-acre solar array in Apollo Beach.

Solar energy has been growing in popularity for years now. In fact, 2016 saw solar use rise by 50 percent worldwide, with China and the US investing a great deal into this mode of clean energy. Corporate demand for solar power has been a key driver of this growth.

These positive sentiments toward solar energy – and green energy overall – are not new. However, activity around solar energy has increased as corporations have pledged to use more clean energy in the future. Many large, successful companies like Microsoft and Facebook have become part of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) – a group committed to helping companies purchase 60 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2025.

Because the corporate demand is there, energy providers throughout the country are adding solar capacity. Tampa Electric is enthusiastic about solar and is actively working on several solar initiatives.

In recent years, renewable energy sources have also become more affordable through various financial incentive programs, such as tax breaks and green tariffs. But much of this has been driven by the consumer, who want greener energy options for not only their homes, but from the companies those consumers support.

Feel free to learn more about Tampa Electric’s commitment to all renewable energy efforts – including solar – on our website.

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