Saving you money and helping the environment at the same time: Tampa Electric earns ENERGY STAR Market Leader award

Energy StarNo one needs to tell you that you, and those who share your home, are the big stars in the story of your life. It’s a powerful story that needs safe, reliable, energy-efficient power to be told.

At Tampa Electric, we’re proud of our supporting role in the lives of a growing number of customers in conjunction with a star of a different kind: ENERGY STAR.

ENERGY STAR is the Environmental Protection Agency’s voluntary program that, since 1992, has helped Americans save money while being environmentally responsible through energy savings. And it’s just named Tampa Electric among the winners of its 2017 Certified Homes Market Leader Award. The award goes to organizations that are leaders in “promoting energy-efficient construction and helping homebuyers experience the peace of mind, quality, comfort, and value that come with living in an ENERGY STAR-certified home.”

Tampa Electric contributed to 403 ENERGY STAR-certified homes in 2016.

With West Central Florida a hotbed of homebuilding and home-buying, beating the heat without breaking the bank this summer is on the minds of new residents to the area and current residents alike who are simply moving into new homes. And though we realize there’s nothing “simple” about moving, the ENERGY STAR label on a home means it meets the EPA’s rigorous standards for energy-efficiency. This includes nearly every aspect of a house, from ceiling and wall insulation to water heating, lighting to appliances, heating to cooling.

Energy Star-certified upgrades have made TECO Plaza more efficient in downtown Tampa; the same kind of savings are waiting for your home.

Energy Star-certified upgrades have made TECO Plaza more efficient in downtown Tampa; the same kind of savings are waiting for your home.

We’re excited to share this with our customers because energy efficiency for you is ingrained in our company’s DNA. TECO Plaza, our headquarters in downtown Tampa, is an ENERGY STAR-certified building and our efforts reach outward into the community with programs that have helped residential and commercial customers save energy since 1979 – before any other investor-owned utility in Florida and before regulations required it.

Visit the ENERGY STAR section of our website to find resources for homebuyers, a list of ENERGY STAR-certified homebuilders, rebates and more. That’s just the start of the many energy-saving options we offer that are good for your wallet, good for the environment and good for the future: Safe, reliable power is a critical need right now, but providing it energy-efficiently is critical to everyone now and especially in years to come. ENERGY STAR lets you know Tampa Electric is doing things right.

At TECO, our vision of a bright future is one where every home is an ENERGY STAR home.

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