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When it comes to supporting commercial customers, we mean business. Along with recent enhancements made to our site, we’ve added even more functionality and improvements designed to make the user experience better for business customers in particular — recognizing they have different and unique needs compared to residential customers.

website enhancementsAs part of our continued efforts to improve the experience for all customers, we’ve added more enhancements to the site, including:

• The ability for business customers (and some residential customers) to enroll and then manage multiple accounts through updated navigation. This is one of the most exciting new features for business customers, as they will now be able to create additional users rather than share user names and passwords. This feature will allow commercial customers to manage accounts at the parent company level, while also providing access for their individual accounts.
• The opportunity to select a specific account at the log-in screen for businesses and other users with multiple accounts (You can even save a favorite account to default to the next time you log in!)
• Improved functionality that allows you to search your payment history by the check number, date the payment was received or by the payment amount on the selected account
• Updated functionality that allows customers to update their user email address in the ‘Your Profile’ tab without changing their account email address
• Registration, log-in and navigation for customers enrolled in Summary Billing (a bill-consolidation program for commercial customers with 10 or more accounts)
• An update that ensures that pre-existing users will now become profile administrators for the business. This enables current users to establish security roles and access of new users.

To make things even easier, we’ve also created a user guide that can be downloaded for simple instructions on enrolling and managing multiple users through the site.

Stay tuned for more site improvements to come in 2019. It’s all part of our continued journey to enhance your experience and to prove we mean business.

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