We’ll come to the rescue together: Saving energy with Tampa Electric in 2018

A TECO action hero in a moment of productive calm: our free Energy Audit includes an inspection of your home’s attic insulation.

A TECO action hero in a moment of productive calm: our free Energy Audit includes an inspection of your home’s attic insulation.

Leaping in at the last second to save things of great value: It’s what heroes of all kinds do in thrilling blockbusters. In 2018, we’ll continue to provide the safe, reliable, environmentally responsible energy you count on and you can be the hero who saves it – no cape, secret identity or ticking clock needed. (Because while last-second movie rescues are exciting, even better are lasting, real-world savings in your wallet.)

That’s right; now is the time to resolve to save energy. And unlike a perfectly worthwhile resolution like, say, getting into action-hero shape with exercise, Tampa Electric’s energy-saving programs make it easy: simply find the ones that work best for you and let us know.

But wait, you say – hold the popcorn! Isn’t Tampa Electric a company that makes its money selling electrical power? While this is true, the full answer is a bit more nuanced. On one hand, state and federal regulations require utilities like ours to offer energy-saving programs, which we’re proud to comply with (and in fact, we even offered our own slate of energy-efficiency programs way back in 1979, before any other major utility in Florida).

More important to us is the fact that a great many of us are TECO customers too. At the end of the day, we come home to neighborhoods like yours; we might even live on your street. We love this community and want to know it can thrive well into the future. Saving energy is a critically important part of creating a more sustainable world and it helps defer the need to build new power stations. Put simply, it’s the right thing to do.

So, if you’ve worked up your self-determination to resolve to save energy in 2018, the previews are over the feature presentation can begin. And here it is, with program names that pretty much tell the story and much more at the links:

Energy Audit

Energy Planner


Ceiling Insulation

Wall Insulation

Window Replacement

HVAC Motor Replacement

Heating & Cooling

ENERGY STAR New Construction

Neighborhood Weatherization

Education, Awareness & Outreach

How many of these are viable for you? A better question might be: How much money could you save over a year’s time by implementing each one that’s appropriate for you home? Spoiler alert: Maybe more than you realize.

So what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking and we’re ready to jump into action in service to you. Think of TECO as your trusty sidekick, something every hero needs; the caretaker of the power that makes your life run, your lights run, your air conditioning and heating run. Your TVs and electronics run as blockbusters capture your imagination.

Now imagine the savings that are there in your home right now, just waiting for you to find them – and make saving energy your first great adventure of 2018.


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