We’re working hard to limit momentary outages

The many Tampa Electric team members who live in this community share your customer 2014 pie chartexperience. Like you, we experience momentary power outages, or “flickers,” that cause the computer to shut off, cable box to reset and make our digital clocks blink. Unfortunately, the main causes are natural occurrences like squirrels and trees coming into contact with our lines and other electrical equipment. To help minimize the flickers, we’re spending over $30 million this year alone to strengthen and upgrade our system.

Tampa Electric crews install a recloser near Dade City.

Tampa Electric crews install a recloser near Dade City.

Part of our ongoing plan involves installing “recloser” devices on power poles across our service area – focusing on neighborhoods with the most frequent momentary outages – to stop power interruptions before they travel “downstream” to more customers. These devices have a proven track record in reducing flickers so we now have fewer than we did five years ago and are working to reduce the number even more.

In addition to this effort, we trim trees – another big cause of outages – year-round. At tampaelectric.com/trees, let us know if you have vegetation growing into electrical infrastructure (never try to trim these trees yourself). See the chart below to get an idea of what causes outages – and know that we’re working hard to minimize power interruptions for all of our customers.

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