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Essential, incredible – and now, uninterruptible: Zap Cap Systems from Tampa Electric

Zap Cap now offers uninterruptible serviceYou don’t have to spend a lot of time in Florida to know the old saying: April showers bring weather-caused loss of electrical power. And “loss of electrical power” includes a wide range of annoyances – from loss of air conditioning during a hot summer day to the TV going out as your favorite team has a chance to win a big game in the final seconds.

Starting this April, people will be talking about Uninterruptible Power Supply from Tampa Electric’s Zap Cap Systems. (Along with the special offer for free installation through April 30!)

A big upgrade to our popular and effective Zap Cap Systems surge protection program, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has the ability to provide uninterrupted battery power in the event of momentary power interruptions and deal with voltage fluctuations. The result: battery backup for select electronics helps them avoid being affected by momentary outages – also known as “flickers.”

It’s a solution designed to make a positive difference in your life: Your big game stays on. Your modem keeps internet connectivity. Your DVR doesn’t miss a minute of your favorite show.

The world is a happier place.

“At the core of what we do at TECO, we’re committed to finding new and better ways to add value to our customers’ lives – and we all hate it when bad weather or tree limbs touching wires makes the power go out,” said Michelle Bozman, manager of Marketing Resources. “Uninterruptible Power Supply from Zap Cap Systems is a solution we hope will help reduce the annoyance that momentary outages can cause.”

It’s easy to sign up for Zap Cap Systems by calling 877 SURGE 22 (877-787-4322). You get two layers of coverage with surge protection: outside at your electric meter and sophisticated indoor plug-in protectors for your sensitive electronics. The typical one-time installation charge of $44.95 is waived until the end of April. You get a free plug-in protector as well as an annual inspection at your request, full-service maintenance of your Zap Cap Systems equipment anytime and replacement of all damaged surge protection equipment.

UPS, meanwhile, is ideal for homes and small businesses:

  • TECO owns the UPS module; you pay a small monthly service fee for maintenance.
  • The device includes USB charging ports, built-in strip surge protection and can handle up to 810 watts of electrical load with its 10 outlets.
  • The device’s LCD screen shows you the information you need about load capacity – so you know just how many more devices you can plug in – and it even has a special energy-saving function to help keep you green!
  • For the best protection and cost savings, you can bundle surge protection with UPS.
  • Both services come with manufacturers’ warranties for complete coverage.

“We can’t change the weather, but we can give you innovative, effective and affordable options to help you lessen the impacts that power surges and power interruptions can have on your home or business,” said Kenna Gonzalez, manager of Zap Cap Systems. We work extremely hard to do just that.”


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