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We’re raising the bar on energy efficiency

In the coming weeks, we expect the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) will approve our new energy-efficiency goals – often referred to as Demand-Side Management (DSM) goals. Our proposed goals add up to 165-Gigawatt hours over the next 10 years – a 14 percent increase over the company’s current 10-year goal. To put this in perspective, the energy-efficiency programs we make available to all our customers will offset the need…

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Home energy conservation checklist

Almost everyone would like to make their home as energy efficient as possible. Not only can it help reduce energy bills, it’s also good for the environment. So how can you conserve energy in your home? It doesn’t have to be difficult – just make a few simple changes using this checklist: Heating and Cooling Heating and cooling your home is typically the most expensive energy expense. To reduce the…

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Community Environment

Tampa Electric helps spawn amazing international environmental success story (Or: Love by the light of the pretend August moon)

When the future of Atlantic coral is written, it may well include a chapter set on Tampa Electric-owned land in Apollo Beach, Fl. That’s where Florida Aquarium researchers at the Center for Conservation have just scored a major victory for the world’s oceans. The problem was a disease that had decimated the pillar coral population in the Atlantic Ocean, in the world’s third-largest reef. Reefs are like rain forests underwater:…

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Aug. 26 is Florida Lineworker Appreciation Day – a reminder to thank the ones who keep power flowing to the community

Lineworkers – the people who work at all hours on the front lines of the electrical system to ensure that the community has safe, reliable electrical power – are the ones who, in many ways, keep the world running. Your lights on. Your stove hot and your home’s air cool. Your electronics operational. And unlike military personnel and emergency workers, the potential dangers they face are always there because electricity never stops…

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Don’t get scammed!

Scammers demanding prepaid debit cards continue to call Tampa Electric customers under the guise of avoiding disconnection. Thousands of Tampa Electric customers have reported being contacted by scammers over the last six years. The scam, which first surfaced in 2011, follows a scenario similar to this: Someone impersonating a Tampa Electric representative calls a customer and claims the account is past due. The caller demands the customer buy a prepaid…

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