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In and out of hurricane season, know your zones

At TECO, whether it’s preparing year-round for hurricane season or racing to get the community’s lights back on after severe weather, we’re in the “zone” – that place where the mind has precision focus to get the job done. Where every step is taken with safety as our top priority. Where our team members won’t stop until all our customers have their service restored. You may be in one or…

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Old connections bring new hope to children injured in a devastating disaster

When Jim Rocha found out Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano had erupted in a devastating explosion earlier this month, it was far more than just the latest terrible headline in the news – it was a call to action. In what could seem like a lifetime ago in his career and his company, Tampa Electric’s director of Planning Strategy & Compliance was with the now-divested TECO Guatemala. Though TECO formally ended its…

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Tampa Electric’s ENERGY STAR program helps build energy efficiency into new homes

ENERGY STAR New Construction program

Thanks to Tampa Electric’s ENERGY STAR® New Construction program, more than 600 Tampa Electric customers moved into an ENERGY STAR certified home in 2017. As a result, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Certified Homes team awarded Tampa Electric with its “ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Market Leader Award” in recognition of the company’s continued commitment to providing homebuyers with ENERGY STAR certified homes. The award recognizes Tampa Electric’s work…

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Don’t get scammed!

Scammers demanding prepaid debit cards continue to call Tampa Electric customers under the guise of avoiding disconnection. Thousands of Tampa Electric customers have reported being contacted by scammers over the last six years. The scam, which first surfaced in 2011, follows a scenario similar to this: Someone impersonating a Tampa Electric representative calls a customer and claims the account is past due. The caller demands the customer buy a prepaid…

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All stocked up at home for hurricane season? Let a sales tax holiday help

It’s that one time you actually WANT to see “hurricane” and “holiday” in the same sentence: when a sales tax holiday through June 7 can ease the burden on your wallet as you take every reasonable step to be ready for severe weather. We realize not everyone spends all year preparing for hurricane season like TECO does. But now that it’s here, we (and many others) urge you to take…

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