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Customer feedback influences web enhancements

website enhancements

‘The customer is always right’ is an old saying that we want to make new again! Using feedback gained through previous customer focus groups, we learned that if you’re like most customers, you want more options, convenience and mobility — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And because we know you’re right to expect that, we’ve launched ongoing site improvements to meet your growing needs and to put…

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Community Zap Cap Coach

Zap Cap Systems honors Coach of the Bay

Coach of the Bay

Tampa Electric’s Zap Cap Systems® honored the Coach of the Bay at a recent Tampa Bay Lightning game. Zap Cap has partnered with the Lightning this season to recognize and honor youth sports coaches in our community who coach kids ages 18 and under. We’re proud to congratulate Florida Soccer Club’s Brian Dozark as the latest recipient of this honor. Here’s what folks had to say about Coach Dozark: “To use…

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Savings for Home

Home energy conservation checklist

Almost everyone would like to make their home as energy efficient as possible. Not only can it help reduce energy bills, it’s also good for the environment. So how can you conserve energy in your home? It doesn’t have to be difficult – just make a few simple changes using this checklist: Heating and Cooling Heating and cooling your home is typically the most expensive energy expense. To reduce the…

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Community Environment

Have ewe herd? Tampa Electric’s new employees are flocking to work

Tampa Electric has secured an environmentally friendly team of experts who are outstanding in their field: Katahdin sheep. These rented sheep are flocking to TECO’s new solar fields to keep the grass short. No, we’re not trying to pull the wool over your eyes – grazing sheep provide a significant cost savings over traditional mechanical lawn mowers, and they are better for the environment. The sheep have adequate food, water,…

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Don’t get scammed!

Scammers demanding prepaid debit cards continue to call Tampa Electric customers under the guise of avoiding disconnection. Thousands of Tampa Electric customers have reported being contacted by scammers over the last six years. The scam, which first surfaced in 2011, follows a scenario similar to this: Someone impersonating a Tampa Electric representative calls a customer and claims the account is past due. The caller demands the customer buy a prepaid…

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